I’m so glad you’re here. I started blogging in 2016 with my other site, Back To My Southern Roots.

I’m Julie, and for over two decades, I’ve been the chief chef, recipe developer, and taste-tester in my own home – a bustling kitchen where love and flavors mix seamlessly. My journey into the world of cooking began simply by feeding my family.

But over the years, it has blossomed into a passion for creating easy, delicious meals that bring smiles to the faces of my loved ones.

I believe that cooking should be a joy, not a chore. That’s why my philosophy revolves around simple, accessible ingredients and uncomplicated methods.

My kitchen is my sanctuary, a place where I experiment with flavors while sticking to the principle that less is more. You won’t find overly complex recipes or hard-to-find ingredients here.

Instead, you’ll discover a treasure trove of dishes that are as easy to prepare as they are delightful to eat.

Picture of me and John

My love for cooking started in my early twenties. Back then, I was a novice, learning through trial and error.

Over the years, I’ve catered to various taste buds – from picky toddlers to adventurous teens and a husband who’s always eager to sample my latest creation.

This diversity at my dinner table has allowed me to explore a range of cuisines, always with a focus on simplicity and taste. Whether it’s a hearty casserole on a chilly evening, a vibrant salad for summer lunches, or a comforting soup for those under-the-weather days, my recipes are designed to suit every occasion and mood.

A picture of me and the kids

My blog is more than just a collection of recipes; it reflects my life’s journey in the kitchen. It’s where I share the dishes I love and the stories behind them – the family gatherings, the holiday feasts, and the everyday meals that have shaped my cooking style.

As you explore my blog, you’ll find recipes that are close to my heart. They are tried and tested, each carrying a piece of my culinary journey. I encourage you to try them, tweak them to your taste, and share them with your loved ones. After all, the best recipes are those that bring people together.

Thank you for stopping by, and happy cooking!


Picture of Julie Pollitt